I apologize (but not really)


This might be turning into a (not at all interesting to you) hobby blog. I apologize, but not really. I’m sure the only thing worse than reading about my motorcycle obsession, is reading about my (one sided) golf addiction. I will soon be giving you details on the technical aspects of all of my hobbies…aren’t you excited? What? I’m nosey, yes I DO want to know about your hobbies and how you’re spending you’re free time!

I wanted to be hanging out with some old friends this weekend, but time and circumstances prevent(ed) that.

I did however get to play some golf (what’s new, i’ve played more this summer than ever), again this weekend. One of my housemates has a membership at the local Kountry Klub (they are perfectly wonderful to me) and I can play all I want for $25 on any given day. The weather today was sublime here in New England, mid-70’s, warm sun and not a cloud in the sky.

I’m loving my new Nike SP-3 golf shoes (pictured) and hit my driver pretty good today. I got the shoes on sale in June but have been wearing my older Nikes most of the summer, but the toe-box on those is a bit tight so I’m going to use those for muddy/wet course days.

I banged out a 200 yard drive right down the fairway on the 3rd hole! My putting however makes me want to cry and fling my putter into the nearest water hazard. I only lost one ball today and that was because I was too lazy to try to find it. I walked two miles this morning, went to the gym and by the 9th hole I just didn’t care anymore.

So, all this to say. I missed my friends in VA this weekend, but I think I made the best of it. I’m working on increasing my overall level of activity and fitness and New England seems to be full of gym rats, cyclysts, runners, hockey players, golfers, etc. We’ll see what happens when that first frost hits!

For all yall working on fitness goals here’s a great post from Gretchen over at The Happiness Project:

Exercise helps make you happy. People who exercise are healthier, more energetic, think more clearly, sleep better, and have delayed onset of dementia. They also get relief from anxiety and mild depression, comparable to medication and therapy.

But even when you acknowledge the tremendous benefits, if you’re not already exercising regularly, it can be hard to adopt the habit. I managed to change myself from a natural sloth to an enthusiastic exerciser by using all these tricks:

Always exercise on Monday. This sets the psychological pattern for the week.Never skip exercising for two days in a row. You can skip a day, but the next day, you must exercise no matter how inconvenient.

DON’T link exercise to weight loss as a way to motivate yourself. Although it’s quite true that people who exercise regularly are far more likely to keep weight off, you’ll find yourself justifying missing your run by turning down two Saltines. And if you don’t lose weight easily (who does?), you’re likely to give up exercise as futile.

Give yourself credit for the smallest effort. My father always said that all he had to do was put on his running shoes and close the door behind him.

Think about context. I thought I hated weight-training, but in fact, I hated the weight-training area of my gym. Do you try to run in the mornings, but recoil from going out in the cold? Do you hate the loud music in your gym? Is your work-out so exhausting that you can’t face the rest of your day? Re-think your choices.

You must exercise frequently. If you think you’re staying in shape by joining games of pick-up basketball, you should be playing four or five times a week. Twice a month isn’t enough.

If you don’t have time both to exercise and take a shower, find exercise (weight-training, yoga, walking) where in many cases you don’t need to shower afterward.

Look for affordable ways to make exercising more pleasant or satisfying. Could you upgrade to a nicer gym? Buy yourself a new iPod? Work with a trainer? Get a pedometer? (they’re only $25). Exercise is a high life priority, so this is the place to spend some money if that helps.

Think of exercise as part of your essential preparation for times you want to be in especially fine form—whether in performance (to be sharp for an important presentation) or appearance (to look good for a wedding) or mood (to deal with a stressful situation). Studies show that exercise does help.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, i.e., don’t decide it’s only worth exercising if you can run five miles or bike for an hour. I have a friend who never exercises unless she’s training for a marathon.

Beware of magical thinking:
 Having a gym membership doesn’t mean that you go to the gym, and owning a yoga mat doesn’t mean you practice yoga.
 Just because you were in shape in high school or college doesn’t mean you’re in shape now.
 Saying that you don’t have time to exercise doesn’t make it true.


Happy Labor Day All!


7 thoughts on “I apologize (but not really)”

  1. Glad you are enjoying yourself.
    My Labor Day was quiet, I’m not an active person (I know I should be), but ..my idea of fun is reading (sitting in my front yard swing or lawn chair with a diet drink and keeping an eye on my neighborhood 🙂

  2. 1. I’ve found that with running, getting out the door in the first place is the hardest part.

    2. Switching from an on-my-feet-all-day job to a desk job definitely showed me the value of walking.

    3. I live in a great place for biking. Not so much in the winter, but for a good portion of the year, there is no reason why I could not bike to many of the places I need to go.

    4. I’ve found that a little bit of the above three works well for me, and it doesn’t do shit if I don’t stick to decent eating habits.

  3. Ms. D: That sounds good to me. You must be doing something! You looked great when I saw you a couple weeks ago….

    E: are you still running? i find that i want to run under cover of night! lol. i’m starting out on the treadmill at 3% incline which is pretty tough much like running outdoors. i would love to fall in love w/ running again. nothing melts the weight off quite the same way. i am however enjoying lifting/circuit training but i hate training legs, which i must get over. i’d like to build the muscle and stamina (and knee strength to take ski/snowboard lessons this winter…)

  4. All that reading about exercise makes me tired—whew! Kidding! That was a wonderful set of reminders for someone like myself, who is the over achiever and doesn’t give enough credit sometimes when I work out. I love training legs and cardio, but I must focus on the core and upper body too. I’m such a wimp there. I also want to learn how to snowboard. I’ll pass on the ski lessons.

    The new shoes are pretty flossy. Can’t wait to see them all broken in…smiles!!!

  5. lmao @ Adrienne. I HATE training legs! I am actually going to focus on falling in love with training legs. I like doing an upper body circuit though. I need to design and alternate upper body circuit and a leg circuit. Arggghhhh. And you’re right. No Apologies!

  6. Still running. Not loving it as much as I used to, but getting up in the a.m. and doing it before work is not as bad as I thought it would be.

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