A Traveller’s Heart


Last night I dreamt and the conversation I was having was in spanish. It was lovely, the sensation, not so much my skills. But it flowed and the feeling and sound of the language on my ears and tongue were….amazing.

I know that I’m starting to get that “itch” to travel, I’m happy where I am right now, but I can’t help but wonder where I could be, who I could be meeting and what I could be learning if I were on the road right now. Is the sun shining in Guanajuato? What kind of classes could I take in Thailand? Can I afford an overland Africa trip?

It doesn’t help that a good friend is off in Latin America hiking Machu Pichu, then heading to the Chilean winelands. A fellow travel blogger is off to Ghana. I’ve been getting Facebook notes from Green Tortoise Travel.

I’m sure part of it is that it is starting to get chilly here in New Hampshire. The days are shorter, the nights longer and I know it is going to be a long, long time before I feel sweat on my brow from the rays of the sun.

My life now consists of a Healthy Eating cooking class that I took a couple of weeks ago, wherein I learned new and amazing things to do with Portabello mushrooms. Cultural pursuits like an evening of woodwind quintent music and artsy fartsy film festival treats. My decisions now are things like: Do I try ice hockey or intro to karate? I’m engaged on a totally different level than when I’m travelling and I like it. But there’s still that….”itch” There’s nothing like the freedom of travel.

So…I’m trying to coerce my family into a destination christmahanukwanza vacation at some resort with sunshine, golf, massages and sand. Because you can take the girl out of the vagabond lifestyle, but you can’t take the vagabond out of the girl. And yes, I realize that a resort vacation is not quite vagabonding, but you try to convince my mom to bunk up in a hostel dorm!

So, do you all have any travel plans in the near/long term? Holler at us in the comments.

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  1. I’m soon to Buenos Aires courtesy of Work. I’ve never been out of the country; only just got my passport. I’m a vagabond in my dreams but never thought I was the type of person who could afford to travel, or would know ‘how’ to travel or many other ridiculous thoughts that kept me firmly in the continental US..

  2. Funny – we just trekked through the Detroit Airport yesterday (all 4 of us) in order to get from Norfolk to Erie, PA. Tim’s nephew is getting married. I love airports and yesterday was no exception – even with kinds in tow. The hustle of everyone heading to different places, seeing so many people doing so many different things in their lives…I just love it. I understand your wanderlust more and more as I get older. I went out for a long run this morning and was able to see the little town of Edinboro in a completely different light on foot, something I never would have done in years past. My goal is to try and get out and explore as much as I can, wherever I am.

    Hang in there through the long winter. Maybe this will be a chance to “hibernate” a little.

    As far as your Christmahanukawanza trip – we’ve heard about this place called Roatan off the coast of Honduras that is evidently amazing and undiscovered (in a good way).

    I’ll think of you as we travel back on Sunday…..


  3. I’m itching for a trip too Dia…or some adventure at least. I think I am going to try a trapeze school thing here in the Boston area (only $40-49)…you should come try it too! I am trying to convince Julie S. to go as well, but she’s not sure yet. I haven’t signed up for a date to do that yet though…maybe later in the October. At any rate, if you want a local trip just come visit us in Boston or maybe a trip up to NH is in my near future…surely there are lots of fun wintery-type things to do up there… 🙂 I can’t ski at all but I want to go snow-tubing this winter somewhere! I’ll keep you in the loop if I think of any other fun and adventuresome things to do in New England! Jen

  4. Thanks for the link love and I am back. The only traveling I need to do now is in the mess that is considered my room a.k.a. storage closet here in Tampa.

    As always just put the buzz in my ear in the event of some spontaneous trip in need of a travel tag-along.


  5. The only thing on our immediate calendar is a road trip to Vegas over Thanksgiving to visit the Mom unit. (Meanwhile, I’m trying not to hold it against my man that he went on the Blues Cruise w/o me last month. Yeah, sure it was ‘work’…but…a cruise!…WITHOUT ME!) 😉

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