My Cheating Heart

It has been raining here in New England the last few days and people are startled to find out that I’ve still ridden my bike to work each day. The chief reason is that if you don’t get into the office by 7:30am there’s NO parking left. Seriously, there’s like 100 spots for 300 people. No matter, I actually am finding that I like driving less and less.

The other reason that I have pushed myself to ride my motorcycle in the rain and at night is so that I can get more comfortable with those conditions and situations. I don’t want to be riding somewhere and the sun set or the weather turn unexpectedly and I “freak” out. So I’m trying to learn as much as I can about how to handle conditions now, while I’m in a small town that is VERY motorcycle friendly.

It is starting to get to the point where it may be too cold to be doing a whole lot of outside activities. But I’m going to hang in there as long as possible. I need to find some new hobbies and obsessions because soon it’ll be too cold for golf, too cold to ride, and I’m too committed to what I’m doing now to pick up and travel.

So, my cheating heart is looking for new loves and returning to the old stand-bys.

What are your hobbies? Do they change with the seasons?

5 thoughts on “My Cheating Heart”

  1. Nah. I live in Southern California, so I bicycle year-round. The trade-off, and I acknowledge that this is a loss, is that seasons often fold one right into the next with little or no fanfare.

  2. Hey T: I visited Ventura/Santa Barbara this summer and man…I can see why people mortgage themselves to the hilt. The weather was PERFECT! I think I would miss the seasons (one of the reasons I love Virginia so much), but I’d find a way to make it!

    I want to try biking, but wouldn’t even know where to start. I like the mountain biking idea, but not the reality of being thrown, broken bones, etc.

  3. Last week on a chilly, rainy day I rediscovered my love for going to the gym, hopping on the elliptical, plugging in the IPod and tuning out everything else around me. I forgot how nice it is to give myself that time to read while I work out or catch up on the nonsense on morning TV (thanks to the nifty monitors hooked up at the gym). Its a great time to indulge and be healthy at the same time. I see it as my me time in the winter when going out for a run is just not going to happen. Another one I truly love and don’t think I can live without is my yoga – once the leaves start turning I head back to my regular Friday class for my chi.

  4. Maybe try capoeira? It’s kind of beautiful and fun, or salsa lessons because no matter the season you can always dance. There’s also bowling which can be incredibly fun if you like to talk some smack.

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