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Sorry I’ve been off the grid the last few days. Work is getting busier by the week including new trips on the horizon (a return trip to Miami and a trip up to Toronto and Montreal). After the hustle of the last few weeks I was ready for a mini-road trip and headed down to Maryland where I met up with The Entreprenuer (TE) and The Attorney (TA). TE is a photography aficionado and TA is a “culture vulture” so we hit the Corcoran Musuem for the Annie Leibovitz exhibit: A Photographer’s Life.

The exhibit was really amazing. I loved her portraits of Jamie Foxx, Oprah, Colin Powell and a couple of shots of Serejevo and Rawanda the most. Wandering the museum with TE and TA was also a pleasure because we all felt comfortable going our own way so that we could linger where we wanted and get drawn into whatever compelled us. I loved how most of the photographs were black & white, but every now and then there’d be something in glorious color. Likewise most of the photographs were pretty large, but there were groupings of small prints that forced you to get intimate with the exhibit (wait, that didn’t come out right).  There was also an Ansel Adams exhibit in-house and that was interesting though I’m not a big fan of landscape photography.

We ended up acting a fool and having a good time which led us to drinks and bad, bad (but oooh so good) food at Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles in DC and a late night, raucous showing of Tyler Perry’s new movie: Why Did I Get Married? Now if you’ve ever been to an African American film, at an African American theatre, with a packed African American audience, I don’t need to tell you what went down. Let’s just say that everybody had a good time and thought that the characters on the screen could hear their individual comments.

Sunday, TA insisted on watching Inside Washington so I mustered up the energy to hit the workout room and put in some time on the treadmill to combat the previous evening’s fried goodness and preempt the afternoon’s revelry.  TE picked us up and we headed out to Linganore Winery where we met up with The Politician (TP) for the Jazz and Wine festival. And by festival I mean hundreds of people, in camp chairs with coolers full of crackers, cheese, grapes and summer sausage. It was great to see a diverse crowd (ethnicity, age, families, LGBT, groups of friends, etc) and to relax in the sunshine on a near perfect day listening to the David Bach Consort and wondering when exactly we became our parents? Wait, we’re not our parent’s yet but these two are.

Despite the wonderful nectar available (I highly recommend the Skipjack, TE’s favorite and the Sangria, TA’s favorite) no one was “Drunktastic” at least not in our group. But there were a few others who may have been. To include the 3 women next to us who drank at least 5 bottles of wine, the old white dude who kept hitting on all the older black women, the barefoot hippie teenagers twirling and kicking up dust, and the saxonphone player who kept coming out into the crowd to check out women. I joked at one point that there was only two ways that the day could be better, and one of them actually came to fruition. And thats all I’m gonna say about that!

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  1. Hi Dia!

    I love reading your blog entry. I think I might go through your archives to read others. I hope you don’t think I’m “stalking” you by leaving a message on your blog . . . I think that’s what people usually say when that are exhibiting those character traits and aren’t willing to admit the truth to themselves . . . but I’m not =) I hope all is well and it looks as though you are still taking the world by storm.


  2. Good to get an update from ya! Unlike Shayla, who commented above – I have been stalking you. In fact, I sat right behind you in the movie theater that night. KIDDING!!! I can imagine what the place must have been like and while you’ve been busy it certainly sounds like you are finding much time to get out there and go!

    Love it!

  3. Shayla: Shay Shay! I miss you like peanut butter misses jelly! It is so good to hear from you and we need to catch up via phone so you can tell me how life is out in Cali! I think about you every day and wish we still worked 1 floor and lived 2 floor aparts.

    Adrienne: Chica! I thought that was you behind us in the theatre, I’ll never forget that laugh. Things are busy, but life is really, really good. I’m coming over to check you out and see what YOU’ve up to.

  4. “Now if you’ve ever been to an African American film, at an African American theatre, with a packed African American audience, I don’t need to tell you what went down.” I saw “Shaft” (remake) in the Virgin Islands. 🙂 (I know, “Shaft” might not qualify…but it was Sam Jackson…and in that moment, trust me, it qualified.)

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