Crazy Stew

Life is kind of chill these days, lots going on, but no one thing is out of control, I feel dare I say…balanced…sort of? I LOVED the response to the last blog entry. I’m always fascinated by what people like to read and how they came to love the habit. I think Erica said somewhere that book recommendations are like wine, totally dependent upon personal taste. I LOVE Shiraz for example, but you can keep your bottle of Beaujolaise! But I digress. I leave you with a “stew” of things that are amusing, disturbing, and hopefully interesting. At the worst, you’ll kill 10 minutes of your workday!

[1] My friend and Semester at Sea Colleague Michael Maniates has an article in the Washington Post (WaPo) about how our need for ‘easy’ ways to go green, isn’t actually getting anything done. He’s smart + funny, so you’ll enjoy him as much as I do!

[2] Speaking of articles, yall know I love Malcolm Gladwell, who do I love MORE than Malcolm? David Sedaris of course, who has a hilarious piece in Esquire titled: “Six to Eight Black Men” and it is as ridonkulous (as SpinChick would say) as it sounds.

[3] I’m a badass/dumbass (take your pick).

Example number one: I was out until almost 2am on Friday night/Sat a.m. and my friend/colleague SpinChick still managed to drag me to an 8am Spin Class. I wasn’t particularly conversant at that time but I do remember mumbling something about “I hate your guts” but I’m not sure. At one point I looked over and she had rolled up her right t-shirt sleeve and she had a fake tattoo of a diesel truck on her bicep and I almost fell off the bike laughing.

Example number two: I went to bed considerably earlier on Saturday night but with more wine in my system (what?! you’ve never heard of the wine diet? it’s kind of like south beach with less food and more tannins) and managed to make it to the 9am Spin Class with KJ in tow. There were no fighting words or fake tattoos that time. But lots and lots of 80’s classic rock music.

Example number three: I am doing an Introductory Karate course in the Shorin Ryu style and I’m enjoying it. But every now and then I get the feeling that I’m a little too old to be messing around with this. My 23 year old private tutor has been studying this style for….16 years and after a workout with him on Friday night I finally understood the reasoning behind hip replacement surgery. So if you see me hobbling down the street with an uneven gait…don’t even stop to say Hi, just keep it moving and let me live my teenaged dreams in my (near) middle-aged body.

[4] I finished Kickboxing Geishas and I It was a fun, fast read and having been to a couple of the cities in Japan that the author visits made it more accessible. Definitely a recommended read for any Japanophiles. I am hoping to keep my eyes open long enough to start Stumbling on Happiness.

[5] I have a good friend who has returned to the often baffling, sometimes seedy and always entertaining world of dating. I have decided that observing a close friend date and experiencing their ups and downs is WAYYYYY better than actually doing it myself. All the fun, none of the expense and no STDs!

Speaking of dating, here’s two quotes that will be not at all applicable to my dear readers:

1. “You don’t pay prostitutes to sleep with you, you pay prostitutes to LEAVE.” (from the film Four Brothers which I watched saturday night w/ KJ).

2. “You’ll always lose money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women chasing money.”

There you have it folks! Words to live by! Aren’t you glad you checked in? Don’t worry about that slimy, nauseous feeling, it’ll pass!

Hey, can someone buy this for me? I heard this record out at a martini bar recently, and I must make it mine!


5 thoughts on “Crazy Stew”

  1. Considering the year of HELL Dating I did this year I would say it isn’t nice to sit back and watch your poor old pal go threw that torture. Okay, well it isn’t torture all the time, but still. 🙂 You’re right about the no expense and STD part. Too silly!

    Overall it sounds like you’ve been doing good woman! Please don’t hurt yourself playing the Karate Kid in class. Always love the updates. 🙂


  2. Yeah so you KNOW I have that Sergio Mendes CD….as you said I always have the best music 🙂 ….that was THE funniest article Ive read in a while…Ill read his other 22 articles at work will give me something to do !!!

  3. Hooray for not “dating” anymore. I’ve finally settled into a nice stable relationship and no longer need to deal with stalkers etc. It is truly lovely. Plus – it’s not just ANY relationship – it’s luuurve. Which makes it all the more enjoyable. But for a while there I was pretty sure I’d much rather be a vicarious relationshipee. It was making me mental. There’s lots of crazies out there.

    I can’t do spin class. It’s like being murdered a tiny bit. I love the gym. I hate spin class. It all evens out.

  4. A: I can’t wait to check out your photography project! I make no promises with the Karate, fabulosity has a high, high price.

    JP: We DO need to hang I miss you and your wife so much. I need to check out your flickr site and see what amazing shots you’re taking these days..

    S: Pace yourself, pace yourself…don’t read them all in one sitting! Save some for another rainy day! And you need to burn me a copy of that, I did put it on my Kwanzaa wish list!

    Liz: happy for you, you’re quite the catch so you keep that man on his toes. I never even thought for a second that I’d like spinning, but I’ve joined a class two months ago and I LURVE it! I haven’t resorted to biker shorts and those crazy biking shoes.

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