Parent’s Parents, ii



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She’s gone. Thanks for all of your prayers and kind thoughts for my Mother’s Mother. She passed yesterday as if to say that a new year held no appeal for/to her, she’d had enough, seen enough, done enough. My heart aches for my mother and her siblings.

I hope 2007 treated you well and that 2008 is the year that your dreams come true. Nobody deserves it more than you do, so be the star of your own show and the captain of your own ship. Be the center of your universe and the superhero in your story. Be the sun in your blue sky and the moon in your inky midnight. Be you…fully, wholly, unabashedly, hope-drenched, dream-tranced, blinded by optimism, choose your own adventure, love-filled….you. And get better at it Nobody deserves it more.




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  1. Oh, Dia, I’m sorry to hear of her passing…condolences to you and your family. And all that you wished for your readers in ’08? Right back at’cha…may ’08 bring much gloriousness (if that’s a word, and if it’s not I’m using it anyway) to you.

  2. Dia,
    Glad we got to catch up before you left for Atlanta for the New Year. Thanks for the three books you gave me – can’t wait to start reading them.
    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother…sincere sympathy to your and your family.

  3. Sorry to read about your grandmother. Timing – it is amazing. What is important at those final days/moments. Makes you wonder about what would you wait for before deciding to move on…is it to hear from that one person, to see one more sunrise, sunset, new moon? What would you wait for?

    Safe travels back home to be with your family.


  4. D-

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I know that you and I are several thousand miles apart, but you are always on my mind and my heart bleeds to know that you might be feeling even the slightest pain. You are such a good person and I know that we all must endure sadness some times, but I feel like you don’t derserve. Call on me anytime.

    Ok, enough of that sappy stuff! It was great to hear from you on NY eve. I wish you all the happiness that life has to offer in ’08 and beyond!

  5. What a beautiful and touching post. I am sorry to hear of your loss, and the sorrow you and your family must be enduring at present. My heart goes out to you.

  6. Dia,
    I’m sorry to hear you lost your grandmother. My thoughts are with you.
    It sounds like she led a long life and left you and your family with lots of great memories that will continue to stay with your for your lives.
    My condolences to you and your family.

  7. Wow, I´m sorry to hear that funchilde. But a beautifully written sentiment, as you tend to do!! And the best to you in ´08 too – your blog buddy, Sara

  8. I just read this post. I’m sure she brought you much happiness. I hope she has taught you well and you can share that happiness with the world.

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