100…99…98 Things to do (pt. ii)

I finally finished moving my worldly goods into storage. Next time I attempt this type of insanity I will build in a few weeks between the time I depart and my last day at work. I’m so tired that I’m silly.

[1] I am officially a Hobo. I haven’t slept in the same place the last two nights and I had to change into my work clothes at work.

[2] The lease for unit “A” of The Dupe is signed and it only took a few glasses of wine, some pasta and a shared piece of german chocolate cake.

[3] I have at least two projects lined up for the next couple of months. One is new and should flex my brain a bit, the other is one of my passions and I’ve been working on it for a few years. I’m hoping to bag at least two more projects in the next couple of months, more for the interest factor than the money. I have a couple of “irons in the fire” as they say and am excited about all of them.

[4] It turns out that insurance won’t cover my Malarial meds It’s $174, but I have been told you can get prescriptions filled pretty cheap in Mexico so I’m probably going to get the goods south of the border.

[5] I received my last full-time paycheck on the 1st. Is anyone else terrified? Me too.

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