T- Minus…5 days

Today is the first day of my last week at work.

1. I was serenaded by 3 of the undergrads from my UVA cooking class. I’m almost impossible to embarrass, but they succeeded. And yes, I shed a couple of tears.

2. My colleagues took me out for lunch to The Shebeen, an english/african pub style restaurant. The card and gift almost had me in tears again, but we quickly disentegrated into foolishness and the moment passed.

3. “The crew” my gang of local girlfriends/fellow alumna took me to Mono Loco for dinner and yet MORE foolishness ensued. I opened the gift but not the card, I couldn’t take the chance.

4. It is funny how even when you know it is time to move on, whether from a job, relationship or city it is still hard to say good-bye.

One thought on “T- Minus…5 days”

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