Good Eats: Rasta Pasta

I actually had Spaghetti Carbonara tonite (more on that later) but I get requests for my favorite recipes all the time. I made this last week for a certain someone who shall remain nameless. This is one of my favorite self-styled recipes. It is a great summer pasta or easy first-time cooking for a date dish. Pretty hard to mess it up, and easy to adapt to your taste. So share with me one of your favorite recipes or let me know how this one turns out for you.

Rasta Pasta (for the yellow/red & green)

.5 lb angel hair pasta
olive oil
red peppers [diced]
yellow peppers [diced]
tomato [roughly diced]
2/3 lb shrimp
garlic (finely diced)

boil pasta until firm to the tooth (al dente) drain but don’t rinse! while pasta is boiling, saute the shrimp until pink/orange then toss in generous olive oil and garlic, peppers. When pasta is done toss pasta into pan with the olive oil and pasta, mix until coated well with olive oil and toss in tomatoes to warm. Add coarse salt and ground pepper to taste.I sometimes add/substitute: peas, onions, mushrooms or another kind of meat instead of shrimp (usually a “healthy choice” keilbasa cut on a bias into coin sized rounds).

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