gifts and such

[1] i gave my nephew a “Learn to play the Harmonica” kit for Valentine’s day. That boy has been driving me crazy from sun up to sun down with that thing. Note to self: next time you give a kid a musical instrument, do it on your way OUT THE DOOR.

[2] i ended up at Wal-mart with a (very) platonic friend. The first two things this fool picks up (sans cart people) are condoms (with the warming lubricant he pointed out excitedly) and baby oil. He insisted that they were not to be used together, i however asked the employee hanging around the toiletry aisle if she could point him to the rubber sheets…freak.

[3] i went to dinner with two of my best friends so we could catch up before i take off (and so i could get their long overdue kwanzahanukamas gifts out of my hobomobile. these fools proceeded to start a small fire when one of the linen menus got too close to the candle on our table…i’m sure it had nothing to do with the (extra) dirty martinis they were drinking.  the gifts i chose? a dirty martini kit and a “Beer around the world” sampler. 

[4] i have slept in at least 7 different places in the last 3 weeks and i can say hands down that my brother’s beautiful, butter soft, camel brown sofa is the WORST night’s sleep i’ve ever had. i have slept on that thing on two different occasions and both times i woke up suicidal, having missed my REM sleep so egregiously that i wanted to stab my own self in the eye. style over substance wins again. *note: he did to his credit offer me his bed, but i declined b/c he had to go to work and i…well..don’t 🙂


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  1. i am glad too, i can tell you are going to be one of my favorite reader (apologies to all the rest of yall i’ve said that to). the pics on your blog are amazing, what kind of camera are you using?



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