Baja Mexico: Hot/Cold Springs


the only solace for leaving Cabo Pulmo was that we headed to some secret hot/cold springs known only to local families. we paid a guide to get us most of the way there via truck then had to walk about a 1/4 mile over some really slippery rocky terrain. i had on flip flops so i was moving real slow since the nearest medical aid was 3+ hours away, but it was worth it.

there were 4 pools. the one pictured above is the smaller of the two mid-temp pools, perfect temp and depth for me so this is where i hung out. the water was amazingly clear and you could see the gold dust (micah?) on the sandy bottom. the big pool had a couple of places you could jump from and the youngins ate that up. i went down into the hot pool and then the very cold pool and back a couple of times. i wasn’t feeling too great so it took it slow. most of us were sun-weary and probably borderline dehydrated but it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. and my feet were the cleanest they had been in weeks!

after that we stumbled across a mexican circus and were attacked by mosquitos! after almost 10 mosquito-free days on the beach, i finally remembered what was missing! we had to go inland to a circus to find the bugs, or rather they found us.

3 thoughts on “Baja Mexico: Hot/Cold Springs”

  1. Wow great time at the hot springs! Hot, cold, mosquitos and the dirt flinging elephant at the circus…

    Your description made me feel as though I was there.

    Hey. I was!


  2. skip! oh man i miss you guys so much! so good to hear from you. what a great memory. keep me posted on how you are doing and your next activist activity so i can save up some bail money for you!



  3. Yeah, It’s good to hear from you too, really nice site. The golden flakes in the water were “mica”…only a geologist would get so picky, but that’s what I am, no apologies.

    I trust that you have acclimated to the water/food and fum of Mulege and Bahia de Conception. I am green with envy, or I will be when my tan finishes flaking off. I have not found any other Tortisees from our group posting yet, but I have not been able to look ’till yesterday…Stopped in San Diego to look at the snow on the mountains and a wonderfully pushy, friendly herd of spoiled horses in a stable just north of the border. Dante, my god-horse is just 2 years, spirited, pushy and talented at pulling strings, ties and velcro, insatiably curious and a pest to the four mares.

    Ensenads was closing as the weather was bad and no Cruise Ships were in Port, San Diego was full of memories and cold winds, the locals wre really suffering except for the sailors in town for leave before one of the three aircraft carriers in port pulled out Sunday….(I was dropped off at 1AM, shortly before tha bars closed so the streets were crawling with crawling sailors tanked up on anti-freeze.) Kind of funny to be dropped into the terminal phases of a drunken party of male juveniles after weeks far from the urban night life and sharing civilized company.

    You should have seen the flurry of activity when Lyle said No Empties in the trash and No Open Bottles when we cross the border. The young ‘uns were really packing down the beer by the case in Ensenada.

    Yeah, I miss the whole crew (with only one very small exception). I’d do it all again, ‘tho perhaps a 9-day with extra ear plugs amd the Ambien which Laura and Olivia recommended for sleeping.

    Back to the Bay Area on Monday eve, with an overweight charge for my duffel bag. It should not have been overweight, baggage stole my tent out of the bag, making it lighter…

    ‘Nough of that. You have a dimension which I only suspected until I found your site. Your journey sounds wonderful. What a series of adventures and successes!

    I appreciate the bail fnd comment.. there are enough subscribers for now. I’m not as worried as I once was. With the right attitude even prosecution can be a learning experience and turning the experience positive really upsets those who operate the system.

    Stay Healthy Stay Happy, you are a light for all those around you.


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