Baja Mexico: the good, the bad and the ugly

we hit a few more places on our journey. i know that all of my posts seem like everywhere is a little slice of heaven so i will temper that with some of the places i wasn’t so fond of:

[1]bahia magdalena for more whale watching if you wanted. i wandered around taking pictures and practicing my poor excuse for spanish skills. bahia is also home to a fish processing plant so there were thousands of birds and a smell that i couldn’t describe if i tried. it was a little decrepit (?) but another great whale watching spot. bahia is on the pacific side so we were startled to wake up to cold winds and cresting waves.

[2]i can’t say i liked todos santos (home of the original Hotel California) too many gringos building 2nd homes. and finally,

[3]los cabos is a beautiful spot that has become a totally overdeveloped, water sucking playground for the wealthy. i feel somewhat hypocritical in that i probably would/would have enjoyed playing some golf at one of the cabo resorts, but seeing how they use the water which is in critical short supply, makes me cringe. so i’ll leave you with a picture of a hermit crab.

7 thoughts on “Baja Mexico: the good, the bad and the ugly”

  1. I’m really enjoying your photos and hearing about your sun-soaked adventures, Dia! Don’t let yourself get dehydrated, though–it’s all to easy to forget to drink your water when you’re having fun….!

  2. @amhran: i’m trying, but it is hard to drink warm water! it is so funny that when you travel into 2nd and 3rd world places you get cold showers and warm drinks!

    @megan: prolly gonna hit Mazatlan. plans are changing a little though so i’m open. loving your stories right now man. they have me in tears.

  3. What’s a hermit crab? Does it live by itself? a recluse? Which is to say that if my idea about what I imagine you are living through, you are the hermit crab. Although, I do believe your pilgrimage through Mexico on to Central America is a journey of self discovery and why are we….? I love your approach to seeing life from other perspectives to ultimately discover that you have been on the “right” track to a great degree, all the while… Enjoy the Baja, warm water and cold showers because when you return to your world of completeness, you will relish the luxury of hot candle lit bathes/showers, cold bottled water and your favorite meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and string beans on a porcelain plate. I’ve traveled by car through the Baja desert and it was not pretty or air condiitoned by any means. Keep discovering life, it is the champagne of living.

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