Travel: The Green Tortoise

That was at once the fastest and slowest two weeks of my life. I highly recommend taking a Green Tortoise trip at least once. You won’t regret it. We laughed from San Francisco to Cabo Pulmo and back.

Most days started with the sunrise, wether we were en route or camped out, the sun pretty much set the start time of the day. We all chipped in and prepared 70% of our meals so the morning would be consumed with laying out food, chowing down and cleaning up. From there we’d either jump into whatever activities were available or hit the road. We would drop everything about 2 hours from sundown to start dinner prep. The meals were amazing, from fresh fish and scallops to mushroom stroganoff, I never knew you could eat so well out of the bottom of a bus. After dinner we’d typically sit around a campfire and do what you do around camp fires. Only once did things decend into a rather scary game of “Truth or Dare”. There were lots of cards played, Scrabble throwdowns and Cribbage and Chess matches to be had. We were lucky enough to have an astronomer on the trip and Dan brought a modified telescope and gave us lessons about the heavens on the beach most nights. Magic.

Best Moment: Whale Watching at Ojo de Liebre

Best Sunrise: Tie between Agua Verde & Cabo Pulmo

Best Meal: Fresh Tiger Shrimp & Pesto Pasta

Best Hike: Down to Agua Verde

Craziest Meal: Goat meat tortillas

Best Feeling: Showers whenever you could catch one!

Best Piece of Gear: Headlamp, spare roll of TP at Cabo Pulmo

So, I dare you to check out the Green Tortoise webpage and tell us where YOU would go?




6 thoughts on “Travel: The Green Tortoise”

  1. I had a dream last night, and in it a man said to me “would you have been successful if you didn’t exist inside of a community environment?” To which I automatically replied “hell no” and then I grabbed my corndog and left (literally). I say this because I have been reading along with your travels and enjoying your stories. You do big things in a new way, but you’re still in the community environment. We talked about the matrix, but I don’t know if you’ve unplugged from that as much as you have gone outside the box. It’s like drinking coke, it tastes good, but it burns your insides and is so so bad for you, and when you stop you heal. I dunno just food for thought. Best wishes, and I’ll keep you in my prayers for a safe journey.

  2. @ carmelia: hey chica! you are too much, you scare me with the way you think kid. i’m jonesing for american food so all i can think is “hmmmm…corndogs” lol. Thank you for your prayers. I keep finding that as amazing as the geography is wherever i go, it is really the people that are beautiful. hugs and keep me posted on your summer plans!

  3. Hmm. I might have to give Green Tortoise a try. I like the idea of it but am way uptight about people stepping on my sleeping stuff in their shoes. Like, to the point of possibly missing out on a great experience like you had. I really like scallops though.

  4. Megan, there is a NO SHOE policy on the cushions, so basically you are barefoot anytime you are on the bus. Don’t get me wrong, it still takes some getting used to b/c you are literally right up under people when in the bus but if you can relax your general standards you are okay. Worth a try.

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