San Miguel de Allende Mexico: International Relations


Do you think it is odd that I’m African American, eating (really good) Sushi in a Mexican internet cafe, listening to European hip-hop? Yeah, me neither.

Things I may or may not have done this week:

[1] Treat a Mexican cab driver to a midnight hamburger and coke in Mexico City.

[2] Sing Karaoke. (Eurythmics, Robert Palmer and Gloria Gaynor).

[3] Go to dinner with a Mexican chic and 3 Japanese chics wherein there was no common language but we had a great conversation about prayers, customs and “sexual relations” (and ate off each other’s plates).

[4] Taught said Japanese chics how to play pool and then get soundly beat 3 times.

[5] Participated in my (all female) spanish class conversation wherein we discussed: men, men from other countries, mexican men, japanese men, american men, would you have kids without a husband, are all men the same around the world? did God make women the crazier sex because s/he knew we’d never deal with men if we weren’t slightly “off”. This ENTIRE conversation was in spanish and it was so funny we were in TEARS. TEARS I tell you. All I contributed: “Yo soy una hija de Dios” (I’m a daughter of God) said with a innocent look and my hands clasped in prayer.

[6] Told a French woman she had one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen.

[7] Told a German chic I was drinking “hater-ade” because of the fact that she was offered an job with a Mexican archaelogy group heading to a dig/exhibit in Cuba. The job offer came from a cute guy she met at a CLUB! I mean really, this stuff only happens in movies right?

[8] Was caught WAY off guard by a kiss from a (drunk) 26 year-old Mexican boy. This happened at Jazz Bar, wherein there is no Jazz played and barely a bar. The upside: he smelled GREAT, the downside: ewww!

[9] Danced until 2a.m. and had to tell the (10 years younger than me) guy that i.couldn’ I mean this guy was a damn dancing machine. I will admit that being African American and a GREAT dancer makes me popular at the dance spots in Mexico. I’ve actually had people APPLAUD my abilities (all of my friends and family stop laughing or i will issue an internet smackdown).

I’m doing my part to improve our international relations, don’t you think?

I’m off to my cooking class tomorrow! I had to travel to San Miguel de Allende after my last client call today to make it in time for our 10AM class (who in the world makes Tortillas de Pollo at damn 10 o’clock in the morning?) Pray I don’t burn anything down or catch anyone off guard with the cutlery.

8 thoughts on “San Miguel de Allende Mexico: International Relations”

  1. I LOVE IT!! Practice really hard on those Tortillas de Pollo, and send me the ingredients, as you’ll be making them for me when you get to Atl.

  2. I just love the way you write! “hater-ade” – this is clever, tres clever. Mind if I borrow that one sometime?
    Have a wonderful day making Tortillas de pollo! (Are those anything like Taquittos? lol)

  3. I luv Mexico specially, playa delcarmen. I’ve been to most of the major cities in Mexico, from Cancun to Baha.
    I prefer the off the beaten path and learning the real culture outside the tourist path. I stayed once at this little town where no one spoke English and was mostly dirt roads. But oh my the fodd was so fab I gained 30 lbs in 1 month.
    Are you studying, working in Mexico?
    Have a great weekend

  4. maggie welcome! i am taking spanish classes, doing freelance consulting and trying not to drink more beer than water. i´m lurving mexico. would love to hear more about your travels and see your pics. any travel plans for the near future?

    Elizabeth: i stole that from someone else so you can cop that one for free! glad you are finding my brand of nonsenese entertaining!

    Irk: thanks a million!

    Stacey: it´s a deal, the only problem is that i´m not ever leaving.

  5. For some reason your “education” seems to involve a lot more clubs, pool halls and drinking than mine – where did I go wrong? And can you get credit in Studies in Multiculturalism for it? You should know, every time you sing karaoke a little bit of your soul goes to the Devil, or Dick Clark, whichever.

  6. Elizabeth: I´m LMAO. Well considering i´m 33 i figured this might be the last hurrah of clubs and pool halls and drinking so i would do as much as i could. actually it seems like i am drinking WAAYYYY more than i actually do. out of 3 months there´s only been 4 or 5 wild nights. and my spanish is MUCH better when i´m soused!

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