San Miguel de Allende Mexico: Dilemma pt. ii

What to do, what to do? Should I skip out on my last week of spanish class, my awesome room at Casa del Tio, sacrifice the security of the internet/technology access I have/need for work? What say you internet?

E-mail #1

i am now in Oaxaca suffering from heavy stomack
akes. Getting better as we speak. Oaxaca is a brilliant place, pictoresk and tranquille…you should definetly come here one time… take care for now..

El Magnus 

E-mail #2

Hola Chica
como estas? todo bien? y donde estas? todavia en d.f.??
yesterday i meet jorge here in puebla. chiiiido!!! tomorrow we go together to oaxaca. we miss you and we want that you come to oaxaca too… comon chica!!! what you say??


E-mail #3

dia i am now in oaxaca. andrea is here also.this is another amazing place! were staying at a place called casa de arnele. very nice with a great terrace view,much like (but not quite as beautiful)as guanajuatos. dia i really think you should head this way,its got vibe. apparently oaxaca is known for cuisine, international art as well as international music! in fact my first stroll around the place;what did i see? a friggen reggae band (from the island no doubt!) JAMMIN right in front of a cathedral! old people ,young, all jammin to da jam man!it was great. im thinking a week here for me,then im headin for the beach. gotta jam, please tell mirna i said hi!


9 thoughts on “San Miguel de Allende Mexico: Dilemma pt. ii”

  1. Oaxaca is brilliant….and you will have every bit as much access to internet/technology, great accomodations and Spanish classes as you do now.

    Plus….there are some AMAZING cooking schools in Oaxaca. As far as the comida goes, it blows away the region you’re in.

    Slam dunk.

    ¡Buen Viaje!


  2. I’m with them. Since I am now living vicariously through you – GO and have FUN and bring back stories of beer and beautiful people to entertain us all! (pictures too)

  3. Dia – let me less of a help and agree, go to Oaxaca! I’m gonna also agree with Elizabeth – you have a lot of people sitting in boring offices and apartments who expect a great virtual trip from you, haha. Anywho, sorry I haven’t checked in lately, graduation is coming up in 4 days and I’m going crazy trying to pack/prepare!

    A Oaxaca!

    – Matt

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