Oaxaca Mexico: The 3 Lies of the Traveler


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First, let me tell you that you all are NO help at all. Where is the “voice of reason” when you need it? That said, if I suffer any ill affects from taking your advice and dropping everything and running to Oaxaca, then I will print out your comments for the Judge, God, My Mom…whoever catches me first.

Second, I am hesitant to post the tales of ACTUAL EVENTS on this here blog because the list of people who read this though small, is rather frightening:

1. My Mother
2. My Father
3. My Ex-Mother in Law (yeah, I’m confused too)
4. 3 or more people I have dated have access to this
5. At least one colleague who consults for my biggest client
6. 2 or 3 people that I may or may not have a crush on
7. Several “God fearing” Christian friends who I need to keep praying for me

So, at this time I will only admit that I have actually uttered all 3 of the “3 Lies of the Traveler” which I realized yesterday. I first heard about these from Solbeam, then I think Erik mentioned them and most recently Megan brought up the subject. I remember learning about them for the first time in 2004 and thinking “how cute, those young people” not EVER imagining that I would become a member of the ranks of those nomadic half-truth tellers. What makes them particularly amusing is that you always mean what you are saying at the time.

oh, you want to know what the lies are?

1. I’m not drinking tonight
2. I’m leaving tomorrow
3. I love you


13 thoughts on “Oaxaca Mexico: The 3 Lies of the Traveler”

  1. I must admit I have not been reading your “blog” on a regular as I should and for that I do apologize. Having said that, I love reading about your experiences, viewing the photos (which are beautiful, by the way), and your epilogue are soulful, amusing, informative, and makes for great reading. I want desperately to come to where you are and hang out with you for a minute. It satisfies my heart and spirit knowing you are growing exponentially on all levels during your travel. Looking forward to seeing you in July? Don’t ignore my silent plead to join you. I love adventure as long as we can sleep in a warm bed, take hot showers, and say dos nachos (hahahahaha) at the end of an interesting day. Looking forward to hearing from you soon (don’t forget I would love to join you in Mexico). I am not stressed that I don’t know but two greetings and one goodbye in Spanish. I will have you as my backup (as usual).

    Be blessed and email me.

  2. Ha, I mostly lie and say I don’t have change. So innocent and devious. “Lo siento, no tengo cambio.” Sad. Bat eyelashes. But it’s cool, because they’re lying too. And they want their money, don’t they? So I win. But what’s this “I love you?” Will I find out when I scroll down???

  3. Now I only feel a million times more jealous than what you felt when I was showing you pics from my trip to Asia. Wow, I cannot believe it has been over three months since you left!!!! And I lost track of your blog within the last month or so…and now I am having a sort of sensory overload from all the reading/picture browsing and comments on your blog. All I can say it is truly unbelievable!! I really want to sit down with you when or should I say if you ever come back in a bar with lots of beer/dirty martinis or whatever else that will unwind your mind and share your the amazing stories of your trip. Please promise me that much….and then you can write that book (a little nonfiction a little fiction who know). One think for sure (from what I can see and read on this blog) I am sure this trip has changed you life!! I cannot wait to catch up! Take care Barabra, my heart and thoughts are with you! No I am not drunk..ha..ha…..rather it is a reflection of my gratitude for having been touched by you. This trip reminds me of a quote from Che -translated symbolically “I would rather die standing up, then live life on my knees.” Love, Anil

  4. Of your choices I am not your mother-in-law so I pick: I dated you, and you were great! Really! I still scream out your name at night, or from the back of the theatre during bad plays.

    Ah yes, the days of wunderkunderflavenputz (obscure word meaning the travelling that never seems to..). This is where a study of deconstructionizm makes you feel better because are we saying we aren’t drinking or “drinking” as in “Why doesn’t Bill have a functioning liver?” A: “Drinking” – totally different things.


  5. Well, I AM your ex-Mother-in-law and a “God-fearing Christian” and I love to read
    all about your travels — can’t wait to see what you have written and see your pics.
    Glad you are having the adventure of a lifetime! You deserve all the R & R that you can get (throw in a little work every once in awhile to pay for your travelling habit). I don’t know any Spanish, so I can’t throw in any fancy words or phrases like some of your other readers – just take in all the tastes, sights, friendships and experiences that you can.
    I think the idea of writing a book is somthing that you should consider.
    Lots of luv. : )

  6. LBoogie: I don’t have the words (yet) to describe the last 10 days

    Travis: You are a superstar, I found a cooking class in Oaxaca, the food here is indeed AMAZING and the place was worth everything I had to give up.

    Carmelia: A tongue-tied academic/poet? My life is complete! And I have MORE bird stories coming!

    Elizabeth: I will travel to WHEREVER for FREE drinks. Thanks for planting the suggestion in the heads of these other clowns…i mean commenters.

    Erica: Peers? I thought you guys were sage oracles with my best interests at heart. Must find sage oracles!

    Mom/WOW: Anytime, you and Dad are my favorite people to party with.

    Megan: ahhh, the 4th lie of the traveler. plus you are traveling with your man so you can’t really get into anything good. 🙂

    Anil: so good to hear from you! how/where is that clown shoan? I miss you two so much and hope we hit the road together later this year or early next when you finish your rotation at Hopkins? whatever. a million times i have wished you were with me and you would LURVE Jorge, you guys are so alike but different enough not to get on each other’s nerves. love ya. and YOU should write the book, the scandal the intrigue the illegal “hey can’t you go to jail for that” stories.

    Elizabeth 2: You are officially the winner of the “Best.Blog.Comment.EVER.”
    I almost got kicked out of the internet cafe because they couldn’t tell if I was laughing, crying or having a heart attack. I will add you to my “blog crush” category.

    Momma D: I really have been working I promise. I haven’t R & R’d as much as I’ve D & D’d (dance and drank). A book, oh lord, you and Anil WAYYY overestimate my talent, attention span and did I mention talent?

  7. Ahh, yes. Blogs are so public. I forget that sometimes and then blush when I find out that my boyfriend’s mom reads it, and my mom reads it. Write always as if you’re chatting with your mama and your ex mother-in-law. 😉

  8. M: The truly wonderful thing is that I can tell them both everything no-holds barred anyway, it is the rest of you jokers I’m worried about!

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